Ravyn Systems is an IT consulting firm cloud migration, Application Migration, and cybersecurity

Who We Are

Ravyn Systems:  Service-Disable Veteran-Owned Small Business

Ravyn Systems is an IT Consulting firm specialized in cloud migration, building highly secure, scalable, cost-cutting enterprise solutions. In addition, with over 15 years of IT experience, we employ industry best practices, the speed of innovation, and agile DevOps methodologies to deliver exceptional IT services. On average, our clients see a 55% decrease in IT and Infrastructure cost, a 53% improvement in security compliance, and a 50% improvement in employee productivity.

As such, our enterprise IT consulting and cloud -migration and deployment solution adapts to changes, is cost-effective, improves the quality of deliverables, and promotes greater project management processes. Therefore, our industry best practices, cybersecurity and enterprise cloud methodologies, the speed of innovation, and agile approaches accelerate the time to realize business value and helps our clients gain immediate exposure to their global market.

Moreover, born in the cloud, Ravyn Systems is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB); we are your Cloud Migration, Adoption, and Transformation experts.

What We Do – IT Consulting & Cloud – Migration and Deployment

 cloud migration, Application Migration and cybersecurity

We employ a security-first approach to build highly secure, highly scalable, and fault-tolerant cost-effective solutions. As a result, our approach allows our government and commercial clients to gain immediate exposure to their global market. Consequently, we are on a mission to fuse intelligence and cloud innovation through thought leaders to drive cutting-edge solutions that leads to a competitive advantage.

Who We Help

Government Agencies – IT Consulting & Cloud – Migration and Deployment

Government Agencies  cloud migration and cybersecurity, Application Migration

Indeed, our Partnership with our government agencies forges strategies, allowing our Government clients at the federal, state, and local levels focus on the Speed of Innovation, agility, and accelerating their time to realize their business value.

Commercial Clients – IT Consulting & Cloud Migration

Commercial Clients cloud migration and cybersecurity, Application Migration

Built on industry best practices, our services: IT Consulting, Cloud Migration, and Cybersecurity strategy allows our customers to meet the challenges of of existing and future operations. Moreover, they can address lack-luster system performances, unrealistic expectations, and most importantly, compete against digitally born firms. As a result, our clients could focus on growth/cash flow, lowering their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Expertise – IT Consulting & Cloud – Migration and Deployment

Furthermore, our expertise range from IT Consulting, Cloud Computing (Private, Public, and Hybrid), Software Development, Database Management, Web Design, Network Engineering, System Engineering, Cybersecurity, Virtualization, Cloud Infrastructure Management, Storage, Network and System Design, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Managed Services, Network Monitoring, and Field Services Engineers.


Driving Your Bottom-line

Undoubtedly, organizations should be investing in an effective and efficient Cybersecurity program that improves information security, stakeholder’s confidence, and most importantly, business continuity. Moreover, it leads to faster recovery times if there is a breach, it reduces IT cost, and improves your bottom-line.

Similarly, IT consulting, cloud migration, adoption, transformation, and acceleration streamlines decision making and allows companies to scale globally. In addition, this innovative technological approach allows companies to quickly scale up or down depending on the operation. Furthermore, it allows our customers are quickly realizing their Return on Investment (ROI).


Top 10 Cloud Consulting/services Companies -2019

Cloud Migration Business Drivers

As such, below are Six Business Drivers IT consulting, Cloud Migration, Cloud Transformation, Innovation, and Adoption includes the following:

  • Elasticity
  • Cost Reduction
  • Breadth of Services
  • Global Reach
  • Agility
  • Trade CapEx for Variable Expenses
  • Accelerate Time to Business Value

Migration Strategies -The 6 R’s

Furthermore, we employ IT consulting and cloud migration strategies best practices: The six common application migration approaches “The 6 R’s” to accelerate the migration process.

Migration Strategies -The 6 R's and cloud adoption.  A security best practice approach: cloud migration, Application Migration, and cybersecurity
  • Discover “Conduct a Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA)”
    1. Rehost “Lift and Shift”
    2. Replatform “Lift, Tinker, and Shift”
    3. Repurchase “Drop and Shop”
    4. Refactor “Re-architect”
    5. Retain “Not Ready to Migrate”
    6. Retire Shut them off”
  • Validation “Through piloting and testing”
  • Transition “Utilizing your “Migration Factory” to move workloads”
  • Production “Benefits –Scalability, Lower operating cost, and agility”

Therefore, our IT Consulting and Cloud migration approach accelerates your cloud transformation and drives innovation, automation, and collaboration between teams. Moreover, this transformation provides organizations with greater agility, cost savings, and expands their footprints globally to reach their customers.

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