What’s Your Story? Everything Don’t Belong In The Cloud -Part 1

Understanding cloud technology is very important if organizations are going to make critical decisions about cloud adoption. As a Cloud Service Provider in my field, providing my customers with various cloud services is an essential ingredient to the success of my operation. However, I get the same questions over and over with new or existing customers. Many of them ask three common but unique questions:

  • What is the hype about the cloud?
  • Is the data center replacing the cloud?
  • What’s this mass exodus we keep hearing about where companies both small and large are leaving the public cloud?

All of those questions are very relevant, and there isn’t a single or easy answer to any of those questions. Each customer is unique, and their business drivers will determine their needs; however, there is one common denominator: The majority believe everything belongs in the cloud.

Tell me, do you believe everything should go in the cloud?

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