What’s Your Story? Everything Don’t Belong In The Cloud -Part 2

OK, so let’s continue from Part 1. According to Rick More, Director of Global Cloud Services at Digital Reality, “Most organizations in 2019 will realize that not everything belongs in the cloud and that achieving a proper mix of on-premises and cloud-resident workloads and infrastructure will be the only way to ensure optimal workplace performance and operational efficiency.”

In fact, the companies that are moving back to on-premise came to the realization that a total cloud solution was not the answer; they needed a hybrid approach -a blend of public cloud and on-premise solution. For example, Dropbox was born in the cloud but has since then moved some of its workload on-prem because it lowered cost and improved performance. Moreover, Facebook’s WhatsApp moved its services to its own data center cloud according to reports.

With that said, running a hybrid cloud solution is not an easy undertaking either. Companies looking to change their cloud model from public to hybrid should have a team with competence in the public cloud, automation, virtualization, standardization, and most importantly, cloud instrumentation.

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