What’s Your Story? Everything Don’t Belong In The Cloud -Part 3

OK, let’s continue from Part 2. Just to summarize the last post. We were discussing why many organizations are moving their workloads back to on-premise, and that each of them had a different use case that drove that decision.

Additionally, we saw cost reduction, greater control, and improved performance were some of the key business drivers that led to changing course. However, as I stated in the previous post, a hybrid cloud solution is not an easy solution.

Therefore, building out a migration plan to migrate these workloads can be very challenging even for seasoned professionals because no two customers’ environment is the same.

One has to identify systems, OS, workloads, storage usage and type, CPU usage, memory, landing zones, and determine what migration techniques should be employed.

Below is the most common migration strategy based on industry best practices, which we’ll discuss in depth in my next few posts: “The 6 R’s.”

  1. Rehost “Lift and Shift”
  2. Replatform “Lift, Tinker, and Shift”
  3. Repurchase “Drop and Shop”
  4. Refactor “Re-architect”
  5. Retain “Not Ready to Migrate”
  6. Retire “Shut them off”

Remember, Cloud Adoption And Migration is a journey! How is your journey different?

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