About US

Our Mission

To fuse intelligence and cloud innovation through thought leaders to drive cutting-edge solutions, leading to a competitive advantage.

Who we are

We are a service-disabled-veteran-owned and operated IT consulting firm specialized in Cloud Migration and Windows Workloads with over 20 years of IT experience in the private and public sector. We not only provide IT consulting in public, private, or hybrid cloud computing solutions, but also we offer cloud innovation, adoption, migration, and transformation services. This allows our customers to gain immediate exposure to their global market while focusing on the speed of innovation, agility and accelerating their time to realize their Business value.  As such, we design, build and deploy highly secure, fault-tolerant, and scalable solutions for our government and commercial clients. 

Our Team

Our team is highly skilled and experience, and is uniquely qualified to deliver highly secure, highly redundant, and highly available systems that exceeds your organization’s needs.  Our IT solutions lead to cost reduction that increases productivity and boosts performance while empowering our customers to gain a competitive advantage on their competition.

Our Expertise

Our expertise ranges from Software Development, Database Management, Web development, Network Engineering, System Engineering, Cybersecurity, Cloud Solutions for private, public, and hybrid clouds, virtualization, private and public cloud infrastructure management, storage, network design, backup, and disaster recovery.