Field Service Engineers

Our industry certified Field Service Engineers (FSE) comes with vast experience in various fields, including Cloud Migration, Microsoft Workloads, Consulting Services, End-User Computing, VPC, Storage, ELB, and IAM.

They are embedded in your organization ready to work with your team daily to drive your organization’s mission and vision. Moreover, they are essential in providing leadership and technical guidance within your projects because of their immense experience.

FSE Offering comes in two flavors: Dedicated Support and On-Demand Support.

  • Dedicated FSE Offering: This group of experts provides dedicated technical onsite or remote services. They work with your architects and engineers to solve real-world issues. In turn, this leaves our customers to focus on steering their organization in the right direction.
  • On-demand FSE Offerings: These experts work in a transactional manner; their work on projects is not long-term. Let us know about your upcoming projects, training, or Technical Assistance Center (TAC) cases, and we’ll schedule one of our engineers to be onsite to assist in a manner deemed beneficial to your organization.

As such, there are many benefits to embedding our cloud Engineers and Architects within your organization, including the following:

  • Consulting and hands-on experience: They provide expert advice and technical know-how to your staff while conducting hands-on troubleshooting, delivering dedicated and remote technical support.
  • Proactive Support: Their technical experience equips them to review and assess your current environment and provide best practice approaches to mitigate findings before a disaster happens.
  • Dedicated Support: They provide your organization with greater experience to deliver quality service through our customer relationship, which in turn is advantageous to your organization.
  • Workshop and Training Offerings: They are skilled and highly experienced, so they could provide the training your organization needs on a moment’s notice.
  • Reactive Support: They can react to critical issues within your environment on an ongoing basis; they can also provide 24×7 support.

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