Microsoft Workloads on AWS

Yes, you heard me…it’s absolutely possible. According to AWS, you are getting “A cloud platform that helps run Microsoft applications like SharePoint, Dynamics, Microsoft SQL Server, AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory (AWS Managed Microsoft AD), and Exchange in a more secure, easily managed, high-performance approach.”

In a recent study, “IDC indicates that over 57% of Windows workloads are run on AWS, almost 2X more than the next leading provider.

Not Convinced? See below:

  • We will build your application to Rapidly deploy and scale your business applications.
    • Leverage familiar tools such as Visual Studio and .NET SDK.
    • DevOps Automation approach
    • Your application security posture improves
    • Manage Windows Server Applications with ease
    • Reduce cost by bringing your own licenses (BYOL).

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