Our Services

To migrate our customers to the cloud, we use a plethora of tools and resources that have been tried, tested, and approved by a veteran in this field -Amazon Web Services (AWS). According to AWS, you’ll get the following benefits moving to its global platform:

To put your mind at ease, we take a comprehensive approach; we use the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) to assess your organization’s migration readiness. We assess cloud migration and the impact on organization culture; we look at Business Drivers and take a deep dive into the “Six Application Migration Strategies (The 6 R’s) as listed in the diagram below:

The six most common application migration strategies (The 6 R’s)

According to AWS, “Using the AWS CAF helps you realize measurable business benefits from cloud adoption faster and with less risk.” Below is a sample of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework and Perspectives; each perspective is structured to address specific audiences and roles:

Below is a sample of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework and Perspectives; each perspective is structured to address specific audiences and roles:

  • Business Perspective common roles: Business Managers, Finance Managers, Budget Owners, Strategy Stakeholders
  • People Perspective common roles: Human Resources, Staffing Managers, People Managers
  • Governance Perspective common roles: Chief Information Officer (CIO), Program Managers, Project Managers, Enterprise Architects, Business Analysts, Portfolio Managers
  • Platform Perspective common roles: Chief Technology Officer (CTO), IT Managers, Solution Architects
  • Security Perspective common roles: Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), IT Security Managers, IT Security Analysts
  • Operations Perspective common roles: IT Operations Managers, IT Support Managers.

What we Offer

Born in the cloud, Ravyn Systems offers Cloud Migration, Adoption, and Transformation services. Our public and private sectors customers benefit from these service offerings.

We pride ourselves with expert technical knowledge and training that position’s us to provide IT solutions that bolsters your cloud computing environment. Our service offerings are listed below and will be updated as needed.

IT Consulting Services

We provide IT Consulting services across the spectrum of IT disciplines. Our Cloud Architects and Engineers help our customers of all sizes design, architect, deploy, migrate, and manage their workloads in the cloud. We provide expert advice to adopt or implement your solution, including technical guidance, knowledge, and industry best practices based on over 20 years of expert experience.
Ask our experts for detail.

Cloud Migration Services

Let us help you re-imagine and re-invent your digital transformation by conducting a Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA) and begin your Migration Readiness and Planning (MRP). This is a method that consists of tools, processes, and best practices to prepare your enterprise for cloud migration? The MRP method aligns with AWS’ Cloud Adoption Framework and is execution driven.
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Microsoft Workload on AWS

Cut Operational Expense (OpEx) and expand and improve your operations through Capital Expenditure (CapEx) investment. According to AWS, it’s infrastructure “Helps you build, deploy, scale, and manage Microsoft applications quickly, easily, more securely and more cost-effectively.” Ask our experts for detail.

Field Service Engineers

Our Field Service Engineers are industry certified and highly skilled experts in cloud operations. Let us augment your team daily to design, build, and deploy a highly secure, scalable, and faulttolerant solution, implementing best practice approaches and solutions. Ask our experts for detail.

Cyber security Services

Developing Cyber Security Maturity is an absolute necessity for any organization. As they work to protect their intellectual property against cyber-attacks, they must rely on industry best practices if they want to protect their data and information from threat actors and rogue nation states. However, in doing so, many considerations must be undertaken. Let us provide this level of support and security. Such an approach will boost the degree of confidence in your security and most importantly, within your organization. Talk to our experts for detail.